Jennifer Aniston Natural Makeup

Jennifer Aniston ‘Natural Makeup”

Weleda skin food is perhaps one of the industries best products i have come across. I use this moisturiser on all of my shoots. Make sure you really massage it in to stimulate your skin to look plump & fresh.

Then I set to work on applying my foundation. If you have trouble choosing the correct foundation for yourself i always find matching the colour to my décolletage works every time. 

The foundation is Stila’s Stay all day Foundation & concealer. A super hydrating creamy product that has a matching concealer in the lid! Start off by applying a dot of the foundation to your forehead, nose, cheeks & chin. Gently blend outwards, you can use a sponge of a brush, i generally prefer to usr my fingers for a much more natural look. Next i will apply the concealer, for this i will use a brush as it gives a more precise application. When i comes to blending alway pat rather than rub, the heat from your finger will melt it into place. If you tend to rub you will just rub away your neatly placed product.

I then focus on any other areas of the skin that need further concealing, for this I use Laura Merciers Skin Camouflage concealer. This has a thicker texture so perfect for areas such as around the nose & any blemishes, apply product the same way as the undereye concealer. 

Next step is creating a tight eyeliner. For this i use Maybelline black gel liner applied with Laura Mercier tight eyeliner brush. 

There is a precise technique to applying this product so please watch the video closely. 

Now its onto eyes using MAC pro longwear paint pot in Stormy Pink, this is applied with MAC blending brush 217. You will see me using this this brush in each tutorial a lot!

When working with any paint pot you need to blend pretty quickly. I like to start in the centre of the lid blending out. 

Once the product is applied you can blend edges further with your ring finger if needed. This will create a smoother finish. 

Next i apply the mascara, applying in a zigzag motion from the root to the tip to ensure each lash is coated giving a fuller effect. I love Maybelline’s “Great Lash Mascara” 

I tend to use cream blushers a lot, I love the dewiness they add, one of my favourite range of blushers are the ‘Convertibles’ by Stila the colour used is ‘Peony’ you can use fingers or a brush for this, i used the Laura Mercier cream cheek brush to apply. 

Next take down shine using Becca translucent ‘blotting powder perfector’ a super fine silky product that won’t leave the skin looking dusty. I prefer to use a good quality velour puff to apply the powder as you can add more pressure to set the makeup,

Eyebrows on this model are pretty much perfect, i have only groomed them by brushing upwards. I like brows to look natural & not too defined. 

I finish off the look with a slick of gloss, Laura Mercier in Bare Baby to tie in with the over all glossy makeup.