The confusing world of Makeup Courses.

Choosing a makeup course can be daunting as well as exciting. There are so many to choose from!! If you are having trouble deciding which is the right course then read on for some helpful tips on how to find the best one & get the most for your money. 

If a school tells you that in order to become a makeup artist you need to have an NVQ or a Diploma or any sort of accredited qualification then they are telling big fat lies. Pat McGrath is completely self taught as are many other celebrity makeup artists. I don’t have a certificate & I have never been asked for one either. Your portfolio is your proof that you can do makeup. I do issue a certificate to say that you have attended & passed the course as this is vital in order to get your discounts.  

Beware of Makeup courses held within beauty colleges. They can often be very basic & taught by a makeup artist who is notfreelance which can result in slightly middle of the road makeup.  You need to have an artist that is still involved in the business bringing new ideas & techniques to the table.

Part time study. I would say “no”. If you really want to learn I would go all in. My own research has found that PT courses don’t give you enough time for it all to sink in & really get in the flow of things. By the time the following week comes round you will have forgotten the essentials. 

Compare what each course teaches. Look out for courses that give you a talk in the morning leaving you with only one makeup practice session in the afternoon. This will drag things out. For example,  a lot of what I cover on my beginners course (Silver Class)  other schools will cover on their Advanced course! Ask how many students per class & if possible go and see the school.

Check out the teachers. Have a google. Find out how many teachers will be teaching you throughout the week?? Having a different makeup artist teach you each day could leave you feeling confused as they will each have their own way of teaching and end up contradicting the techniques you have previously been taught. Resulting in a very confused you! 

Discounts & aftercare. Don’t be mislead by schools that say “exclusive to us only” Most say this about discounts, but no makeup brand is loyal to one school only!! This is another tactic to try get you on board. Also schools that offer work on fashion shows /photoshoots etc.. Most will cherry pick the students they want to work with. You will not automatically get this type of work just because you have taken their course. 

Reviews. Read reviews, see who has left them & if you can possibly contact them then this is worth its weight in gold.  For example, thecomments & reviews on a school’s facebook page are from REAL people.  Contact them to get an honest appraisal of the school.

Finally, courses that ask you purchase Brush sets or Makeup kits… If your course is in excess of £800 I would say that makeup should be provided for your use throughout the course & a set of brushes given to you for free. 

Good luck with the hunt..