Charlotte Tilbury's Multi-Miracle Glow

The clue is in the title & this lush pot certainly does work miracles.  

Not only does it smell divine (frangipani, my favourite smell) it really does melt away makeup & helps protect your skin from every day pollutants that we pick up. I generally have very sensitive eyes & most cleansers tend to sting, thankfully this one doesn't, so I'm happy to say that it will also remove stubborn mascara without the tears. 

My 6 year old INSISTED that she use it to remove her facepaints at the weekend, telling me that 'if it's good enough for you mummy then it's good enough for me' 

not only does the MMG cleanse, you can also use it as a mask - I do this part whilst I have a soak in the bath, your skin will be glowing after 30mins (also perfect if you have had a late night night before) & finally, you can use as a body balm to smooth over dry elbows, shins or rub over cracked heels. TMS LOVES this multi functioning product & we think you will too ❤️

Multi Miracle Glow £45