Products across the Pond

My favourite New Yorker & MUA Rachel Toledo has kindly offered to do this months blog on 2 of her most favourite new discoveries in the beauty industry. Soon to be making their way to UK, until then though if you can’t wait to get your hands on these products, you can of course order via the websites listed. 

There’s something about ‘boutique’ or niche beauty brands that I love. They always seem to come out of a place from a professional not finding what they need or in search for a better quality of product. I find they are brands born out of passion and perseverance. Here are two of my favourites..



Kim Borio, CEO/Founder of Glycelene Skincare & Celebrity Makeup Artist


Kim had suffered from sensitive, reactive skin that flared up with eczema her whole life. Here is a Kim's bio on her fabulous product.

I started off as a skincare specialist before I became a professional makeup artist. When I started working as a makeup artist, I noticed I wasn't the only one suffering from these issues. My actresses used to come in with Vaseline slathered all over there face; an old Hollywood trick that Marilyn Monroe was known to do. I had always focused on skin prep before applying makeup and I was never truly satisfied with the products out there. I used to always say that one day, I'm going to invent a new version of Vaseline and create the most amazing breathable skincare line. Petroleum Jelly acts more like a barrier on the skin.  We came out with a technology that created a breathable ointment based on organic Glycerin, hence the name Glycelene (pronounced Gliss-uh-leen) and The Beauty Ointment was the very first product we ever made. I've used it everyday since. 

When it comes to your skin, it's wise to use non toxic products. Especially if you suffer from sensitive skin.

I really want people to know that we are also 100% Vegan and Eco-friendly, we hand-craft and hand-pour every product for superior quality control and we also polish every bottle and hand label. There is so much detail and TLC put into each and every batch. Also, as a makeup artist, I really wanted a skincare line for my fellow makeup artists to use as a skin-prep behind the scenes, pre and post makeup. Glycelene is currently behind the scenes in the makeup trailers on many TV shows and several major motion pictures being filmed such as "Office Christmas Party" and Steven Spielberg's, "Ready Player One" to name a few along with Reality Shows including The Bachelor franchise. 

Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson, Founder & President  of Jessica Johnson Classic Beauty


Jessica has developed products that treat & enhance healthy eyebrows, lashes and skin. 

Her products are based on tried and true classic European formulas with a modern twist. Delivering her 25 years of hands on work & knowledge directly to the consumer through at home products that deliver results. So for those that have over plucked eyebrows that have failed to grow back & for those wishing to achieve lush lashes.. Check out the products on the website listed above.