Sridevi Ramesh - "best academy"

As makeup artist with 15yrs experience from india, travelled to U.K. to update my skills During my visit, I learnt from so many academy's in London . The makeup school run by Jacqui is best academy i went for my advance level makeup course .I have no words to Thank you for teaching me the new skills and product knowledge .Helped and guiding me each every day of the course .jacqui you are an amazing person and a teacher with amazing skills. Please let me know if you have any other new courses. I would love to come and learn.

Amy Walker - "amazing experience

Attended The Makeup School in Glasgow in February through an opportunity with the Prince's Trust, it was an amazing experience and Jacqui was a great teacher. I felt like I learned so much during my time, everything from new techniques to industry must knows. It is 100% worth it and I would recommend it to anyone who was considering a course in make-up !!!! xx

Devon Stirling - "absolutely loved it!

I completed the Glasgow course with Jacqui a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it! She is so patient, easy to get on with and knows everything there is to possibly know about makeup. I would highly recommend anyone that is contemplating having career in makeup or even to touch up on their skills to book a course. Not only does she show you different techniques of applying makeup and correcting mistakes but she also advises which products to use and what to stay away from. Thanks to Jacqui I have much more confidence and I have even rented a chair in a salon which I start in two weeks! If your thinking about booking, go for it! xx

Chloe Ellis - "Would highly recommend"

I went to the bronze taster day. Awesome experience. Jacqui is a lovely person and it was a great hands on experience. Clear demonstrations and great advice and teaching of the skills. I learnt so much in a day. Would highly recommend. The week long course sounds awesome!


Lucy Lyons - "absolutely fantastic

My week with Jacqui for the Intensive course was absolutely fantastic. I deliberated for weeks over which school to go with and was so confused, but was recommended to Jacqui through a friend. 

I loved the course in particular because the numbers were small, so we really had Jacqui's full attention, and could see the demo's really clearly. I was really nervous on the Monday morning, but was out at ease very quickly and loved every minute. There was a lot packed into the week but it didn't feel rushed, we covered a lot of looks and I learnt so much. 

Jacqui is a lovely person, passionate about what she does, completely knows her stuff, the industry and is ever the professional. I would recommend this course without a shadow of a doubt and can't wait to come back for the Advanced course X

Heyley Reynolds.jpg

Hayley Reynolds - "The aftercare is great" 


Amazing week- it went by so quickly! I feel that what I learnt didn't allow time for it to sink in! Absolutely fab time with the lovely Jacqui would helped guide us through the stages and helped look over what we were doing! The aftercare is great, having just gone on a music video shoot as a MUA assistant, thanks to Jaqui's advertisement! Would have loved to have a little more guidance with everything- but this is just me being greedy as we were already in a small group and being taught by Jacqui! Could have done it for longer and would do it all over again! I would recommend!!

Chelsey Mccanlis.jpg

Chelsey Mccanlis - "we learnt SO much"


I was SO excited but nervous & unsure what to expect having booked this 1 week intensive course BUT I have to say it was the best thing I have ever done. I would never look back & I can't thank Jacqui enough for making it so worth while.
It's hands on from day 1 which throws you in the deep end but it's definitely the best way to learn and as its a small class Jacqui is able to pick up on any little mistake and correct you as you go throughout the whole week. A model would come in and Jacqui would demonstrate her looks and then we would try and create this on our paired team after & again in the afternoon. As well as this we learnt SO much about product knowledge, amazing tips for makeup correction & application. 
I enjoyed it so much that I am back in Feb 2016 for the week advanced course!
Thanks Jacqui!

Joanne Lydon.jpg

Joanne Lydon - "I loved every second"


It's been over 2 years since I completed the course at The Makeup School & felt a follow up review would be beneficial to anyone considering this course. 
Firstly, I loved every second of my time there. I made life long friends & learned so much. Jacqui is one of the best makeup artists in the industry & she truly lets you in on all the secrets. 
So, 2 years on has this course benefited me?........... A million percent YES!! Before starting the course, I'd HOPED makeup would be my future. After finishing, I KNEW it would be. 
I read over my notes again & again, slowly built up my kit (please take advantage of the discounts the school offers) and practised, practised & practised on anyone who would let me. Even my dad was groomed to perfection on many occasion! 
Then........ I got a booking. My first wedding. I was nervous but with the skills I learnt from Jacqui I knew the bride would love her makeup! And she did!! I then got a 2nd & a 3rd booking........... & now I work with brides nearly every weekend & recently have been booked for TV work! 
Whatever your reasons are for looking at this course, aspiring MUA, improving own skills or just wanting a fun week - then this is your course!

Maisie Brooks.jpg

Maisie Brooks - "the school was amazing!"


My week at the school was amazing! I learnt so many skills that I have been able to put to use, as well as helping my confidence grow! Jacqui is an excellent teacher and has changed the way that I see and do makeup on myself and others. The small classes mean that you will get 1 on 1 attention and will learn at a fast speed. I highly recommend this course, thank you Jacqui!

Natalie Ward.jpg

Natalie Ward - "brilliant teacher"


I was really excited to start learning the art of make-up and found it difficult to choose which school was best for me! I'm honestly so happy that a friend recommended me to The Makeup School London. Jacqui takes her time and really focuses on how to improve your techniques as an individual artist and is not afraid to be honest, I'm very proud to say I have been taught by Jacqui as she really does care about her students and is a brilliant teacher. She opens up your mind and pushes you to your limits and definitely throws you straight into the deep end. Which I think is the best way to learning as I didn't think I could change so much in 5 days! I've learnt everything I need to set my career off! I could tell straight away when I first met Jacqui that this was definitely the best decision I have ever made. Thanks so much Jacqui ! Wish you all the Best xxx

Alex Kyle.jpg

Alex Kyle - "full of real-life-lessons"

As a photographer I felt it was important to learn more about makeup for some of the shoots I do. I really wasn't sure what to expect and what I'd gain from it but Jacqui and Charmaine ran an amazing course that was full of real-life-lessons and hands on experience. It was full on right from the beginning and there was no time wasted at all in getting into the more practical elements- A thing I was really nervous about.

The atmosphere was great, very supportive and I learned an amazing amount of things in just one week. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the course to anyone who is considering it. The things I learned will really help my photography in the future and I am really glad I did this course

Margaret Macdonald.jpg

Margaret Macdonald - "great and realistic teacher"


I completed the Glasgow course. I've had an interest in makeup since childhood and had thought of it of a career while in school. However my career took a different route which is also great. Over the years I have continued to have an interest in makeup and finally bit the bullet and booked this course. I am so glad I did. Jacqui was a great and realistic teacher. I have learnt so much in a week from techniques, looks, to working in the industry and what to have in your kit. Jacqui is an inspiring person to learn from and the course has spurred me on to pursue makeup artistry as a job and a hobby! Thankyou again so much for a really inspiring week. And also having the opportunity to meet a great bunch of folk:-)xx

Humkeen Gharial.jpg

Humkeen Gharial - "invaluable insight"


I spent a long time researching courses before I found The Makeup School. I really wanted a course that encouraged me to develop approach and technique, to develop my own style and I'm really glad that I found it! The 5 day course is intensive, when you aren't absorbing knowledge from Jacqui's demonstrations then you are practicing technique. From day 1 you begin doing professional level make up. Jacqui is an excellent teacher and her experience in the industry really comes through, you know that you are gaining invaluable insight. Truly reccomend it!
I really appreciated everything you taught Jacqui and I really enjoyed it! Thank you :) xx

Naomi Best Griggs.jpg

Naomi Best Griggs - "I loved it!"


I have just completed the London Intensive course and I have to say I loved it! Jacqui has taught me the basics of great make up application and some! Jacqui takes her time to ensure she gives each member of the class tips, encouragement and constructive criticism which is vital to personal progression. She also gives her honest account on how get ahead in the industry. I now can't wait to get started with my new career! Thanks again Jacqui, keep in touch! x

Jake Lawler.jpg

Jake Lawler - "Its a really fun week"


I went to The Makeup School as a boy with little to no experience doing makeup, so on the first day I was pretty nervous. But Jacqui was really great and supportive! 
There is a lot to learn on the course but as the class sizes are small I always had the opportunity to ask questions when I needed to, and lots of time to practice. At the end of the week I felt confident and was itching to use the techniques I'd learned. 
Its a really fun week and Jacqui is a wealth of knowledge with lots of practical advice to share, so definitely bring your notebook- Mine has become a handy reference to have!

Gocha Samocha.jpg

Gocha Samocha - "I would love to recommend the School"


I have to say it was an amazing week at The Makeup School. I have taken Intensive London Course in February. 
Jacqui is an excellent teacher, very patient and helpful. With her experience I have learned a lot of new techniques. 
I would love to recommend this School to all makeup lovers!!!

Amanda Johnson.jpg

Amanda Johnson - "most amazing and informative week"


I have truly had the most amazing and informative week. I couldn't have asked for a better mentor than Jacqui, who teaches in a super friendly and down to earth environment. Thank you so much Jacqui for all your support over the last five days, you've been superb! Much love Amanda

Stephanie Foster.jpg

Stephanie Foster - "I cannot recommend enough"


I attended the pop up school in Glasgow not really knowing what to expect. The knowledge and techniques taught were excellent and the class was very practical from the start. Jacqui had great demonstrations and was always happy to help with any queries. It's a very intense course which cover all kinds of looks but I cannot recommend enough

Jackie Moon.jpg

Jackie Moon - I'm very pleased i chose this course"


I've just completed the Intensive Course run by The Makeup School which is amazing! I've come away with so much knowledge. Jacqui is very talented and shared everything she's learnt from many years experience. I'm very pleased i chose this course & would recommend it.

Tess Prince Lovefoodibiza.jpg

Tess Prince - "very professional"


For me this was the first (and brave) step into totally changing my career: I have always had a passion for makeup and the beauty industry, so when I found out about The Makeup School and realised it was suitable for those with no experience in this area, it gave me the confidence to enroll. After the first hour of nerves I soon got into my stride. Jacqui's teaching methods were both friendly, thorough and very professional. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry was shared to us in such an enlightening and encouraging way. The techniques that we learned during the week have been invaluable, a prefect foundation (pardon the pun) for a career in the industry. Since the course Jacqui has provided me with contacts in Ibiza where I spend the summer and the work has been flowing in! If anyone is eager to learn the principles of flawless makeup and gain inside knowledge into the industry, this is the perfect course. I can't recommend it enough!

Ana C Salinas de Carranza.jpg

Ana C Salinas de Carranza - "100% recommended"


Excellent school, course and teacher! I studied the Intensive Makeup Course and I am very happy with the experience and learning! Thank you Jacqui for all you taught us, everything was great!
100% recommended!!

Evelyn Portillo.jpg

Evelyn Portillo - "Jacky is amazing"


I took the course last month and I have to say Jacky is amazing, all the techniques tricks and experiences she shared with us are gold. I recomendable this course to everyone who wants to be serious in Makeup you will learn a lot. Congratulations to the school!!!!!!!

Carmen Kakucs .jpg

Carmen Kakucs - "she is an excellent teacher"


I had fab week with Jacqui at The Makeup School in february. I took the intensive course with her in London. She is an excellent teacher very kind and helpful . I've learned such a good ideas from her.