Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Mila Kunis Inspired Smokey Eye Tutorial

This tutorial we are focussing on Mila Kunis inspired smokey eye.

Starting off with clean moisturised skin, I will apply my base which is a Stila stay all day  foundation, you don’t see me applying it in this tutorial please refer to the “Jennifer Anniston “Natural Makeup’ tutorial for my tips on foundation application. 

I personally do not apply concealer until the eyes are almost finished, this is due to the fact that there maybe fallout from when eyeshadow is applied. 

I start off with MAC pro longwear paint pot in Constructivist, this is applied with MAC blending brush 217.

When working with any paint pot you need to blend pretty quickly. I like to start in the centre of the lid blending out. 
Once the product is applied you can blend edges further with your ring finger if needed. This will create a smoother finish. 

Next step is creating a tight eyeliner. For this i use Maybelline black gel liner applied with Laura Mercier tight eyeliner brush. 
There is a precise technique to applying this product so please watch the video closely. 

Once this is complete i then move on to applying the concealer. I use Laura Mercier Secret camouflage for this, although if you have particularly drier skin then i would mix with a little moisturiser 1st. Apply concealer to other areas that need more cover such as around the more & any blemishes. When applying any concealer use a patting motion instead of rubbing, this will ensure a better coverage. 

Now that the concealing is complete, i will start working on blending the paint pot under the eye area using the same mac brush as before always finishing off edges using the heat of my ring finger to assure smooth seamless edges. 

Next i apply the mascara applying from the root to the tip to ensure each lash is coated giving a fuller effect. Next to really smoke up the eye i will use my favourite pencil Smoulder by MAC in the inside of the waterline, be quite firm on application taking time to ensure there are no gaps of skin showing between the lashes. Then apply the pencil along the waterline on the upper eyelid.

Next I use the Smudge Brush by Laura Mercier to diffuse the black eyeliner by gently bending the line down, again refer to the tutorial to see how is do this. 

Using Laura Mercier Ponytail Blending brush & Laura Mercier Secret Finishing Powder I apply this around the edges of the eye makeup to seal and set the look. 

Blusher is a cream blush by Stila in the convertible range, colour is “Camillia” you can use fingers or a brush for this, i use a Bobbi Brown foundation brush to apply. 

Finishing off using a Laura Mercier Secret finishing powder down the t zone to mattify shine. I prefer to use a powder puff rather than a brush as you can be a little firmer with pressure & have more control of the product. 

Lip liner is then applied & blended, i used Laura Mercier in Red Chocolate & Lip gloss in Mauve Plum. I will always clean up edges around the mouth using the Laura Mercier Camouflage concealer this will give a beautiful clean professional finish. 

You will notice i have not touched the eyebrows on this one, this is because they simply did not need anything added. Sometimes when doing a smokey eye its best not to add anything to the brows if not really needed & we can all see this model has perfect brows.

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